Interested in baptism ? -Speak to Pastor Derek for more information.

My Decision Today Cards -As we begin a New Year take this time to let Pastor Derek know what “Next Step” in your faith walk you would like to focus on in the coming year. These green cards can be put into the locked boxes as you enter the sanctuary doors. We want everyone to take this opportunity to write down their Spiritual Goals for 2019

Pastors Cabinet 2019: Rev. Derek Isaksen, Rev. Kathy Isaksen, Debbie Powell, Bonnie Chalmers, Roy Miller, Jim Steigleman

Board of Administration 2019: Pastors – Rev. Derek Isaksen, Rev. Kathy Isaksen

Delegates – Debbie Powell, Bonnie Chalmers,

Reserve Delegates - Jim Steigleman, Sharlene Russnogle

Larry Iler – Treasurer

Dennis Meili – Property & Facilities

Mary Laws – At Large

Ellen Coats – At Large, Secretary

Booklets- New Booklets at the Welcome Center

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  • The Daily Bread: December through February 2019

  • 2019 Living Hope Church Directory